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Description: j. neubürger in litzelstetten
Location: Litzelstetten, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
About: Toll, am Bodensee eine Wohnung gefunden zu haben. Einleben dauert.
Keywords: Bacaan, Ratib, Al, Athos
Description: At sands of time, If you want wide-range of creative calendars, then select one of our ‘Create your Own’ calendar and you will be able to design your custom calendar from mark.
Age: 27
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Description: I'm an EFL teacher from Abrantes, Portugal.
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
About: I'm a Portuguese teacher of English, married and father of two lovely ladies. I'm here to make friends and to explore our beautiful Fediverse. I'm politically neutral and I don't get into ideological disputes. I believe in humanity, friendship and that people should share more and respect our beautiful Earth much more. I cultivate the small pleasures of life and know for a fact that less is really more! We don't need that much to live a happy life. But we surely need more politeness, friendship, harmony, love, respect and solidarity, among many other values that, lately, have been a bit disregarded... I do my part by trying to make a difference in the lives of whom I interact with.
Location: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
About: dampfendes Urgestein im WWW mit Hang zum Resümieren und Selberdenken. Was zu teilweise verstörend konsequentem Handeln führen kann.