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Version 1.1, dated 18 December 2022.

Operator information according to § 5 TMG

Daniel "PepeCyB" Hagemeister-Biernath 6527 Nagybaracska, Zrínyi Miklós utca 74, Ungarn


1. Preface

Pericles Hub is an installation of the software of the Hubzilla project. The source code of the software is openly available for anyone to view, download, use and distribute.

Hubzilla is a decentralised social network and content management system that allows users to share content, exchange information and have fun.

2. Liability for content, links and everything else

The operator of the platform wishes to ensure a free exchange of information. The liability for content created by users - posts, messages and more - lies with the user. The operator is in no way liable.

Users are requested not to publish content that violates laws applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany or internationally. If content violates laws and the operator is made aware of this, the operator will contact the user, also publicly, and ask for clarification of the problem and, if necessary, deletion of the content. If there is no other possibility, the operator will delete the content.

In addition to the removal of contributions relevant to criminal law, the operator reserves the right to remove content which is on the edge of legality or which cannot be clearly classified, after giving notice. This definition includes in particular but not exclusively pornographic (and possibly erotic) depictions of minors, even if these do not meet the legal definition of "child pornographic writings".

3. Liability for failures and data loss

The operator makes every effort to operate the platform as free of interruptions and losses as possible. However, no liability is assumed for this.

4. Copyright law

The copyright for texts, images and other media that a user can upload to Pericles Hub remains with the user. A transfer to the operator of the server does not take place.

If a user knowingly or unknowingly violates valid copyright, he or she must be notified of this. Contact details can be obtained from the operator.

5. Privacy

It is important to the operator to protect the data of the users. No data will be evaluated by the operator or passed on to third parties, unless the disclosure is legally enforced. In such a case, the following data may be passed on:

  • Username
  • E-mail address
  • IP address and time of last login

The operator cannot make any statements for data sent to other Hubzilla nodes or to external services such as Twitter. Here, the data protection regulations of the respective platform must be observed.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, not even Hubzilla. The operator can therefore not exclude the possibility of data being accessed through security gaps and attacks on the systems. In the event of data loss, the operator will inform the users.

6. Terms of use

  • Harassment, stalking and/or doxxing are not permitted.
  • National Socialist propaganda, Nazi symbolism or promotion of the ideology of National Socialism are prohibited.
  • Calls to acts of violence are prohibited.
  • Excessive advertising and spam are not welcome.
  • Content that is illegal in Germany or Hungary is not permitted.